Project supported:

  1. Gerontology Centre Kragujevac and Association “Viktorija”

Palliative care and treatment in the local community
Overall Action Objective: Improving the quality of life of people in the terminal stage and initiating ideas for forming cluster (225,522.73 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Kovačica and Center for Social Work Kovačica

Improving local community based services for people with disabilities in Kovačica
Overall Action Objective: Support the development of the local community based services for youth with disabilities in Kovačica (155,989.56 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Varvarin and Evrokontakt Kruševac

Home Care for a Dignified Old Age
Overall Action Objective: Contribution to promotion of the social inclusion of vulnerable and disadvantaged groups through the provision of sustainable community-based social services at the local level(152,970.54 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Batočina, Social Service Centre for Batočina, Rača and Lapovo “Šumadija”, Association “Viktorija”, Municipality of Lapovo and Municipality of Rača

Services of support and assistance for the elderly
Overall Action Objective: Improving the quality of life of the elderly on the territory of the above mentioned municipalities (179,399.32 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Ruma and CSW Ruma

Fostering Social Inclusion of Young Adults with Disabilities
Overall Action Objective: To contribute to improvement of social inclusion and poverty reduction among the young adults (26-40 y.o.) with disabilities in Ruma (197,771.29 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Irig, Humanitarian Organisation “Child’s Heart” and Centre for Social Work Irig

Improving Social Inclusion of Children and Adults with Disabilities Through Introduction of New Community-Based Service in Irig Municipality
Overall Action Objective: To improve quality of life of children and adults with disabilities and their families by supporting the development of new community-based services in Municipality of Irig (161,218.97 EUR).

  1. Caritas Serbia, Municipality of Aleksinac, Municipality of Ražanj, Centre for Social Welfare Aleksinac, Centre for Social Welfare Ražanj

SHARE – Sustainable Home Assistance against Rural Exclusion
Overall Action Objective: To improve quality of life of socially vulnerable community members in Aleksinac and Ražanj; To decrease number of referrals for residential placement (119,800.58 EUR).

  1. NGO “Familia”, Centre for Family Accommodation and Adoption Ćuprija, Centre for Family Accommodation and Adoption Kragujevac, Centre for Family Accommodation and Adoption Niš

Developing the resource center for children with conduct problems and their families
Overall Action Objective: Improving socialization and inclusion of children with conduct problems, through establishing resource center on the issue (129,585.13 EUR).

  1. Association “Kokoro”, Centre for Social Work Vranje, City Centre for Social Work Belgrade, Centre for Social Work Bor, Association “Nexus – Vranje” and International Aid Network

Change for Good
Overall Action Objective: To contribute to social inclusion and poverty reduction of children and youth with behaviour problems through implementation of the Serbian Social Welfare Law and Social Welfare Development Strategy (180,907.07 EUR).

  1. Union Organization of Serbia involved in the protection of people living with HIV/AIDS, Association “Sunce”, Association “Više od pomoci – AID +”,Association “Žena +”, Association “Stav +”, Association “Crvena linija”, Association “Centar AS” and Association “Nova +”

Towards standardization of community based social services provision  for PLHIV in Serbia
Overall Action Objective: To provide standardized community based cross-sectoral social service to PLHIV in target cities (168,304.75 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Stara Pazova, “Anton Skala” School for Primary and Secondary Education and School for Elementary and Secondary Education “Milan Petrović”

Development of innovative community based social service for vulnerable groups in StaraPazova
Overall Action Objective: To contribute to improvement of quality of life of vulnerable groups in StaraPazova (198,087.46 EUR).

  1. Centre for Youth Integration

Drop-In Shelter for Street-Involved Children in Belgrade
Overall Action Objective: Strengthen protection and actively support the social inclusion of the most vulnerable and excluded children through expanding the provision of the Drop-In Service for children that live or work on the streets in the city of Belgrade, focusing on 10 municipalities in the city of Belgrade (189,805.95 EUR).

  1. Caritas Valjevo, Municipality of Lajkovac, Municipality of Ljig, Centre for Social Welfare “Solidarnost” Ljig and Municipality of Mionica

Towards more solidarity for elderly – Kolubara district cluster for home care
Overall Action Objective: Ensuring sustainability of elderly care in targeted municipalities in order to decrease demand for acute and long term institutionalization (127,041.78 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Bela Palanka and Centre for Social Work “Branko Milovanović – Ciga” Bela Palanka

Good deeds for remote villages
Overall Action Objective: To improve status of elderly people and Roma population through creation of conditions and opportunities for their social inclusion and poverty reduction (162,564.43 EUR).

  1. City of Valjevo, Caritas Valjevo, Valjevo Society for Cerebral Paralysis and Centre for Social and Economic Development

Development of sustainable community services in Western Serbia
Overall Action Objective: Development of sustainable community services in Western Serbia (123,974.46 EUR).

  1. Municipality of Bajina Bašta, Centre for Social Work Bajina Bašta and Association of Children With Disabilities and Their Parents Bajina Bašta

“I have a dream…”
Overall Action Objective: Social inclusion of all vulnerable groups in municipality of BajinaBašta (185,526.11 EUR).

  1. Association “Prevent”, Provincial Institute of Social Welfare, Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre and “Rozkoš bez rizika”

Community-based services for sex workers in Novi Sad
Overall Action Objective: Contribute to development of social welfare system, which has higher level of social inclusion, better health care and reduced stigmatization and discrimination of sex workers, who belong to one of the hardest to reach marginalized groups (110,764.04 EUR).

  1. Association “Duga”, Municipality Of Ada, Municipality of Pećinci, Municipality of Sremska Mitrovica and Municipality of Ruma

Increasing efficiency of social service through intermunicipal cooperation and promotion of activation (labour engagement) of vulnerable groups on the local level
Overall Action Objective: To promote the efficient use of resources through partnering of different stakeholders involved in the provision of support to vulnerable groups (105,614.12. EUR).