Project supported:

  1. Municipality of Koceljeva, Primary School “Mića Stanojlović” Koceljeva and Roma Development and Democracy Centre Koceljeva

Inclusion through educational support
Overall Action Objective: Educational inclusion of Roma children in the municipality Koceljeva (181,344.87 EUR)

  1. PUC “Kruševac”, City of Kruševac and NGO “Treehouse”

“Empower!” – Socio-Economic Inclusion of Roma and Rural Poor through Recycling
Overall Action Objective: Improve economic and social inclusion of Roma and most vulnerable rural poor by strengthening and integrating their roles in public communal recycling in partnership with the public sector (174,742.23 EUR)

  1. Municipality of Ruma, National Youth Council of Serbia, Roma Association Ruma

“More experience for more opportunities!”- Enhancing social inclusion and employability of Roma people in Ruma
Overall Action Objective: To improve social inclusion and employability of Roma people through active inclusion initiatives in Ruma (130,953.22 EUR)

  1. Municipality of Alibunar, Municipality of Kovin and Association “Leader +”Banatski Karlovac

Fair Oil Serbia: Affordable Green Economy Solutions for Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Jobs of Rural Roma
Overall Action Objective: To support, accelerate and advocate creation of Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive (SSI) jobs and permanent incomes for rural Roma(143,847.00 EUR)

  1. Dansk Flygtningehjaelp Forening and City of Kraljevo

Empowering Roma Community for Socioeconomic Development and Environmental Protection in the City of Kraljevo
Overall Action Objective: To enable marginalized and disadvantaged groups and local community to actively participate in the socioeconomic development and environmental protection in the City of Kraljevo(182,692.72 EUR)

  1. Roma Women Centre “Bibija”, Association of Roma of Novi Bečej and Roma Women Centre Veliki Crljeni

Economic empowerment of Roma women: increased capacity for employment and self-employment
Overall Action Objective: To improve social-economic development and social inclusion of Roma community, particularly Roma women(81,068.54 EUR)

  1. Braničevo District Roma Association and Municipality of Požarevac

Support to educational inclusion of Roma at all educational levels and support to self-employment in Požarevac – “Our right to live better”
Overall Action Objective: Improved educational inclusion and poverty reduction of Roma in Požarevac (101,970.29 EUR)

  1. CentriVašEdukaciaRomengiThajEtnikakeKhupatnengi and Roma Information Centre – RIC

Introduction of the Roma language with elements of national culture in primary schools in Serbia
Overall Action Objective: To ensure the social inclusion of marginalised groups and communities with the strengthening of the Roma culture, identity and active socio-economic integration of Roma into society in Serbia (134,832.30 EUR)

  1. Humanitarian Organisation “Child’s Heart” and Secondary Vocational School Belgrade

“Knowing better, doing better!” – supporting education inclusion of young Roma people
Overall Action Objective: To support the social and educational inclusion of young Roma for better access to labour market and employment opportunities (130,446.63 EUR)

  1. World Vision Osterreich, Western Balkans Institute, Agroinvest Foundation Serbia, Preschool Teacher Training College “Mihailo Palov” Vršac and Cultural Information Centre “Pralipe” Pirot

Pre and elementary schooling of Roma: fostering opportunities for greater attainment and early school leaving reduction (RECI)
Overall Action Objective: To contribute to the social inclusion of Roma in the Serbian society and to contribute the reduction of high unemployment rate and poverty among Roma (194,529.47 EUR)