Beneficiary Institutions of this project are:

  • The IPA Implementation Unit at the Ministry of Labour, Employment, Veteran and Social Affairs
  • Grant awarded recipients at the local and regional level across Serbia
  • National and local authorities in charge of regulating and providing social services
  • Centres for Social Work as well as local branches of the National Employment Service
  • Local self-governments, as well as the Standing Conference of Towns and Municipalities
  • Providers of community-based social services.
  • Office for Human and Minority Rights
  • Ministry of Regional Development

Positive impact on Institutional Beneficiaries

  • Strengthen the capacities of LSGs to identity social needs and mobilize budgetary and non-budgetary resources to expand the range of offered community-based social services.
  • Improved efficiency and degree of of cooperation among practitioners and local communities
  • Enhanced sustainability of community-based social services
  • Better governance of the sector and more uniformity in the quality of service provision of line ministries and institutions
  • Greater availability of community-based social services and greater capacity of LSGs to effectively coordinate local responses to social exclusion.

The project will help national and local authorities to enable greater social inclusion of vulnerable groups, including Roma, by broadening and strengthening community-based responses tailored to their specific needs. The project provides capacity-building to LSGs in managing social inclusion polices, and both LSGs and social providers to design community based social inclusion initiatives in line with identified local needs through building local partnerships and stronger cross-sectoral networking. Specific trainings for the case managers within Centres for Social Work to deal with Roma inclusion policies will be also provided under this measure.