At the Final Conference of the project “Home Care for a Dignified Old Age”, held on 18th September 2017 in Varvarin, the results achieved during the 21 months of project realization were presented.

The purpose of the project was to improve the social protection services in Varvarin municipality the introduction of home care service for adults and the elderly, in accordance with the nationalc standards and regulations related to the provision of social protection services.

The most important activity that was realized within the project was the launching of a home care service for adults and elderly people. The service was organized by the Association for the Development of Žagubica, which has selected, educated and employed 15 unemployed women from the municipality to provide a service as home care professionals (“gerontodomaćice”) for 80 adults and the elderly, residents of Varvarin municipality.

In order to comply the service with national standards and regulations in the field of social protection, a basic analysis of the normative framework was carried out prior starting the service. All necessary documents have been formally adopted by the Municipal Council, which ensures high level and sustainability of the service.

A significant novelty is the introduction of a co-financing of services by the users, which enables the service to be provided to adults and the elderly who are not in the state of social need, but who need this type of service. Revenue from users will greatly facilitate the Varvarin Municipality to finance the provision of this service in the future.

The project “Home Care for a Dignified Old Age” was implemented in the partnership between the Varvarin Municipality and the Citizens’ Association for European Integration Support “Evrokontakt” Krusevac. The value of the project amounted to 187,211.53 euros, of which the European Union donation amounted to 152,970.54 euros. The project started on 21.12.2015. year and will last until September 20, 2017. years.

This activity is part of the project “Supporting the European Union to an Inclusive Society”, which the EU finances from € 5.4 million, implemented by the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia in cooperation with the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans’ Affairs and Social Affairs of the Republic of Serbia.